★10kg Designer Personalised Candy Questions

・What is the minimum order for Designer Personalised Candy?
The Designer Personalised Candy can only be made in 10kg batches, due to the way the candy is handcrafted to get the personalised letters / design inside the candy.

・How many pieces are in a 10kg batch?
Very approximately 3,500 pieces of candy. For events this is suitable for between 60 and 200 guests (depending on how you have the candy packaged).

・How many letters can fit inside the candy?
You can have a maximum of 14 letters plus a heart, star, or cross.

・Can I have lowercase text?
In most cases, no, the Designer Personalised Candy will be made in capital letters. There can be exceptions to this, if you have a small number of letters in the candy. Any lowercase text requests will need to be approved first. Please email them to designercandy.au@gmail.com

・Can I have a logo or customised image?
All logos or customised images are subject to approval. Please email them first to designercandy.au@gmail.com for approval before placing your order.

・Can I have 2 different designs within the 10kg order?
(e.g. 5kg ASH ♥ ANDREW & 5kg ANDREW ♥ ASH, or 5kg blue and 5kg pink)
No. Due to the way the Designer Personalised Candy is handcrafted to get the personalised letters / design inside the candy, the whole 10kg has to be the same design, as it is created from one giant batch.

・How many colours can I choose?

You can choose one colour for the text, one colour for the heart/star/cross, and up to 3 colours around the outside of the candy OR rainbow.

・How many flavours can I choose?
Only one flavour can be chosen per 10kg batch of candy.

・Do I have to have the whole 10kg of Designer Personalised Candy packaged in jars or bags?
No. If you choose to have your order packaged you can specify how many jars or bags you require. Any remaining candy from your 10kg Designer Personalised Candy order will come in bulk bags.

・Can I order the 10kg of Designer Personalised Candy in a bulk bag and arrange my own packaging?
Yes. If you order the candy without packaging, it will come in 10 x 1kg bulk bags.

・What if there’s candy leftover from my 10kg Designer Personalised Candy?
Any leftover candy is normally used to put out in bowls at the event, or on any dessert tables or lolly buffets. Or perhaps you would prefer to EAT IT yourself!