★Customised Product Questions

・What colours are available?
Most colours can be done. If you require a specific shade, please post a colour sample to us at: Designer Candy, PO Box 11, Tullamarine, VIC 3043. We can’t guarantee an exact match, but our confectioners will use your colour sample to match the candy colour as close as they can.

・Does the flavour have to match the colour?
No! The colours and flavours are completely separate, so you can choose any flavour, regardless of which colours you have chosen.

・What flavours can I choose from?
Strawberry, lemonade, raspberry, apple, blueberry, grape, watermelon, strawberry & cream, peaches & cream, peach, mango, passionfruit, lemon, lime, orange, peppermint, aniseed, rose.

・Can I personalise lollipops?
Regular lollipops: You can personalise the lollipops by adding Designer Candy’s personalised stickers & tags. Have your personalised message on the stickers which can be attached to the front of the lollipops.
Giant 1kg or 4kg Lollipops: Personalised candy text on the front of the lollipops (letters created from candy!) is only able to be done on our Giant 1kg or 4kg lollipops.

・Can I customise the candy colours and flavours in the Standard DC Candy Range?
No. All designs in the Standard DC Candy range are as is, in the colours and flavour they are advertised in.
Heart, Star, Cross, or Swirl Designs are able to be made in custom colours and flavours for orders of 5kg or more (Custom Colour Generic Candy).
All other designs in the Standard DC Candy Range are only able to be made in custom colours and flavours if they are ordered in a 10kg batch (10kg Designer Personalised Candy).

・If I order packaging in jars or bags with my candy, do they come already filled with candy?
Yes! If you order jars or bags with your candy order, our experienced team will pack the candy into the jars or bags for you so they come already filled and ready to go.

・Can I order the candy in a bulk bag and arrange my own packaging?
Yes. If you order the candy without packaging, it will come in 1kg bulk bags.

・Are there any items which require self-assembly?
If you purchase Designer Candy’s personalised stickers, ribbons and tags with your candy product order, they will come with your order for self-assembly. For your convenience, the ribbons will come precut and the tags already have the holes punched.